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Lincoln Square in Spring Bloom

Apr 14, 2022
Lincoln Square in Spring Bloom

Want to learn about spring in bloom? The weather is continuing to warm up and flowers are bringing life and and color back to the city’s streetscape. Spring flowers and greenery are some of the best aspects of spring in New York City, especially as locals and visitors gear up to enjoy cherry blossoms and more. But you don’t need to go very far to enjoy flowering trees and spring colors, as there is a lot to enjoy in Lincoln Square as well as unique resources to check out online.

Here in Lincoln Square, you can take a walk up or down Broadway, passing through the pedestrian crossings at the Broadway Mall end beds between 60th Street and 70th Street or by the various area planters, to enjoy our new spring display. The planting includes a number of bright flowers for the season, including penny blue and citrus mix violas, bright yellow daffodils, and "mood indigo" tulips--a pretty mix of royal purple and pure white--that are just getting ready to bloom. The bright colors are hard to miss as you walk through the neighborhood and will continue to develop as we head into May. We also replaced around 20 dead boxwoods and added new groundcover to give our gardens a fresh makeover after the winter season. Both of our local parks, Richard Tucker Park and Dante Park, are also full of flowers and greenery, as well as moveable chairs and tables so you can sit and enjoy the weather and foliage. Very soon the crabapple trees in most of our Broadway Malls between 60th and 70th Street will bloom. Walking through the district , you'll enjoy a truly colorful taste of spring in the city. 

But our Broadway Malls and planters are not the only sources of greenery and foliage around the district, and there’s a fun way to learn about the city’s trees online. Check out the New York City Street Tree Map from NYC Parks for access to information about every tree in the five boroughs. On this website, you can learn about the trees that make up our city’s urban forest or line sidewalks, mark trees as favorites, record and share all of your caretaking and tree stewardship activities, and learn about the ecological benefits of each tree. Click here to check out the site. Here at 1881 Broadway, we identified the flowering white trees outside of our office windows as Callery Pears thanks to this map. And, did you know there were four different kinds of trees in our little Richard Tucker Park?

Also, NYC Parks offers a Citywide Bloom Guide accessible through their website to find out what blooms when and where across the city. April is an excellent month for blooming trees and flowers, and the guide includes our Broadway Mall crabapple trees! Click here to view the guide.  

Photo credit: LSBID Staff