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Another Successful Lost and Found

May 22, 2023
Another Successful Lost and Found

Our Public Safety Officers and Clean Team aren't just hard at work ensuring our streets are safe and clean. When they're out walking the streets of our neighborhood, they often recover lost items.

Locals and tourists alike will occasionally drop a wallet, purse, or ID when leaving one of our businesses or cultural institutions or exiting a cab, bus, or train. In this most recent case, a member of our Clean Team spotted a Passport Card and Debit Card lying on the ground near our office. Our Director of Operations, Phil Gordon, worked to track down the owner, who happened to be a local resident. He was extremely grateful and stopped by the next afternoon to pick up his personal items.

We do everything we can to try and reunite owners with their lost property, which is possible thanks to great teamwork between our Public Safety Officers, Clean Team, and administrative staff. Seeing the relief on someone’s face when we return an important item to them is well worth the hard work we put in to find them.