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Expansion of the Open Streets Program

Apr 6, 2021
Expansion of the Open Streets Program

At the end of March, Mayor de Blasio and the NYC DOT announced a new application for the 2021 expansion of the Open Streets program. The updated program outlines two distinct types of open streets for which BIDs, community-based organizations, groups of eligible businesses, or groups of neighbors may apply:

  • Temporary Limited Local Access – street designated for pedestrian and cyclist use, during a specified set of hours and days each week, where local vehicle access for parking and loading is permitted, and drivers are advised to drive 5 MPH.
  • Temporary Full Closure – temporarily closed to vehicles for pedestrian and cyclist use, to support local businesses, and for community programming (formerly including Open Streets: Restaurants).

The expanded program will replace the Open Streets: Restaurants, Weekend Walks, and Seasonal Streets programs. Partners participating in either program will be responsible for managing street closure barricades and traffic control devices, monitoring the open street and reporting any issues, moving barricades in the event of emergencies, coordinating operations and any programming, and community outreach and regular messaging.

To learn more about the program, requirements, and to apply, visit nyc.gov/openstreets.

Photo credit: NYC DOT