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Swing University: Enroll for Fall 2019

Sep 4, 2019
an instructor addresses a class of older adults at Jazz at Lincoln Center

Want to become a better jazz music consumer? Consider enrolling this fall for Jazz at Lincoln Center's higher-education program, Swing University, which can help you become a better listener. Swing University faculty will introduce you to sounds new and classic, illuminating the music's history and placing it within a modern context. Become a jazz expert with these sets of Swing University's educational, informal classes: Jazz and the Great American Songbook, Jazz 101: A Beginner's Guide to Jazz, Chick Corea, Jazz in Europe, and Gospel Music. 

Classes meet weekday evenings at the Irene Diamond Education Center at Frederick P. Rose Hall inside of 10 Columbus Circle. 
Click here to browse classes and enroll. Jazz at Lincoln Center offers semester discounts to certain people who qualify, which you can check on here. You can also take individual classes for $45 each. 

Photo credit: Jazz at Lincoln Center