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Con Edison Work Around 64th Street

Sep 6, 2018
Con Edison Work Around 64th Street

Due to emergency repair work, Con Edison has been on site at 64th & 65th Streets between Broadway and Central Park West. See below for updates: 

8/9/18 - 65th Street will be closed for most of the day due to Con Edison work. 

8/10/18 - 64th Street is still closed, but 65th Street is currently open. 

8/14/18 - Con Edison's Electric Operations team expects to maintain a presence on site at 64th Street and Broadway for the next 3-4 weeks and as of today 64th Street is still closed. Overall, work is happening around the clock – particularly at the northeast corner of West 64th and Broadway - but most of the work is being kept to nighttime. We have been told that eventually Con Edison will need to close 65th Street again for a short time for more work in the coming days or weeks. 

8/20- 8/26/18 – around the clock work will continue at the West 64th and Broadway intersection.

8/22/18 - Work on Broadway between West 64th and West 65th Street.

8/23/18 - Work on West 65th Street and Broadway (road to be closed for approximately 8 hours). Shunts and Barricades to be removed. The splicing that is currently happening will continue around the clock.

8/24/18 - Con Edison crews continue to work around the clock, and will be commencing excavation activities on Broadway at West 64th to replace damaged facilities;  West 64th will remain closed from Broadway until further notice. Con Edison expects to be on site at least another three weeks.

9/6/18 - 64th Street between Broadway and Central Park West will be closed the weekend of 9/8 - 9/9 for continued work. 65th Street between Broadway and Central Park West will be closed Sunday 9/9 and Monday 9/10. The current timeline for project completion is Friday, 9/21 (subject to change).  

Originally Posted: August 9, 2018