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Recent Car Break-ins Around Lincoln Square

Apr 3, 2019
Recent Car Break-ins Around Lincoln Square

In recent months, the number of car break-ins in the 20th Precinct have significantly increased despite a decrease in overall crime in the area. At a 20th Precinct Community Council Meeting last month, Deputy Inspector Timothy Malin stated that there have been 31 car theft incidents already this year compared to only 8 during the same time period in 2018. The 20th Precinct has stated that the majority of the break-ins take place between midnight and 7:00am and that the perpetrators target vehicles parked on the street with visible valuables inside. 

To avoid being a target of theft, the 20th Precinct suggests that p
eople who park their cars on the street overnight should not leave valuables in plain sight inside their cars. Wallets, purses, and phones are some of the obviously targeted valuables, but Deputy Inspector Malin also stated during the Community Council Meeting that book bags or boxes would likewise draw attention because of the possibility that there is something valuable inside. 

Be safe and protect your belongings!