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New Art is Arriving at AFAM

Mar 14, 2023
New Art is Arriving at AFAM

It's always exciting when new art arrives in Lincoln Square, so get ready for double the excitement because two new exhibitions are opening to the public at the American Folk Art Museum (2 Lincoln Square) on Friday, March 17.

Featuring around 40 artworks from the 19th to 21st centuries, What That Quilt Knows About Me presents quilts and related works as deeply emotional objects and collections of intimate stories that give us insight into the personal and cultural histories of both the makers and recipients. The exhibition also explores how artists draw inspiration from and push the boundaries of quilt-making to incorporate surprising materials and ideas. 

“We are continually astounded by how much meaning quilts can carry. We hope that the exhibition will cultivate an energetic and emotional space for viewers to be inspired by these works,” said Emelie Gevalt, Curatorial Chair for Collections and Curator of Folk Art at the American Folk Art Museum and one of the curators of the exhibition. Hyperallergic has already featured the exhibition as a "must-see" in its 2023 Spring New York Art Guide, so you know it's worth checking out. You can learn more about What That Quilt Knows About Me by clicking here. 

On display in the Museum's Daniel Cowin Gallery, Material Witness: Folk and Self-Taught Artists at Work features almost 150 works of art, chronicling how artists across four centuries have used different materials, often in unconventional frameworks for artistic training. The exhibition is split into four sections and highlights artistic practices that respect and respond to the properties of regionally-sourced materials, explores why makers gravitate to certain media and methods, and considers what prompts changes to artistic approach over time.

“The materials that comprise the objects on view do something extraordinary: they grant permission to those that interact with them to assume the role of artist and maker,” commented Brooke Wyatt, Luce Assistant Curator at the American Folk Art Museum (AFAM) and currator of the exhibition. You can learn more about Material Witness: Folk and Self-Taught Artists at Work by clicking here.

These exhibitions are on display through October 29. While it's not required, ticket reservations are preferred, so just click here and reserve your tickets now. If you enjoy seeing the artwork, visit the American Folk Art Museum Shop for unique pieces you can bring home with you!

Photo Credit: American Folk Art Museum (Left: Original Design Quilt by Carl Klewicke, Right: "Fraktur with Inverted Heart" by Jacob Strickler)