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Missing Woman Believed to Be on Upper West Side

Aug 20, 2021
photos of christie caggiano

Christie Caggiano, a Pennsylvania woman suffering from chronic schizophrenia who has been missing since June, is believed to be on the Upper West Side. Caggiano was last seen on Sunday, June 13 after she left her Chester Springs, Pennsylvania home by car to come to New York. Her car was found abandoned in a bus lane on 2nd Avenue.

Her husband, Anthony Caggiano, told the West Side Rag, "she may be staying in places such as the New York Public Library, Fed Ex, and Barnes and Noble on Broadway, so that she can escape the heat and/or inclement weather during the day. Allegedly, Christie was last seen Friday, August 13 at West 80th and Amsterdam. She was wearing a green shirt. That is all that was reported. By the time police went there, she was gone." 

Christie is believed to be in Central Park West or in the vicinity of West 86th and West 88 Streets. Her hair will likely be in a ponytail, as she has a bald spot on the right side of her head following a recent injury. She may also go by Cecile Hoyt, and it is probable she needs medical attention. 

If you have any information regarding Christie's whereabouts, contact the NYPD 20th Precinct at (212) 580-6111. Check out the poster before for more information: