Business Spotlight

Made in New York City: The Business of Folk Art

Mar 20, 2019
Museum patrons admire art in the American Folk Art Museum's new exhibit ----
A new exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum will shed some light on the history of New York City's relationship with the self-taught art genre. Open now through Sunday, July 28, patrons can experience the collection titled "Made in New York City: The Business of Folk Art", which highlights how folk art has flourished in the heart of New York City since the eighteenth century despite the popular belief that it was primarily a rural genre. Around 100 works of art by self-taught artists tell the story about New York City as the center of America's financial and commercial world through the perspectives of both art and business. Within the exhibit, these two perspectives come together to illustrate how folk art and business were interwoven--"The Art of Business" portrays the people and places that were part of the city's thrumming commercial life, and "The Business of Art" highlights the diverse mediums and formats used by the artists, artisans, and manufacturers. While you're enjoying the exhibit, pop into the Museum Shop where lots of wonderful items inspired by the exhibit are for sale. 

The American Folk Art Museum is located at 2 Lincoln Square on Columbus Avenue, between 65th and 66th Streets. Admission to the museum is free. Visit the museum's website for more information and hours of operation.

Photo credit: Gavin Ashworth, American Folk Art Museum