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Helping Out for the Holiday Season

Dec 12, 2018
Helping Out for the Holiday Season
This holiday season, embrace the spirit of charity and consider supporting a local Upper West Side or New York nonprofit organization: 
  • Goddard Riverside Community Center is a diverse nonprofit organization serving thousands of New Yorkers on the Upper West Side. The Center conducts homeless outreach, youth programs, home meal delivery for seniors, and many more programs that support both children and adults. Specifically for the holiday season, Goddard Riverside is looking for donations for its Holiday Meal program, which allows the Center to host holiday dinners for over $1,500 people in need annually. Click here to see how you can support. 
  • The Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center is a neighborhood nonprofit (formally part of Goddard Riverside Community Center) dedicated to the social, educational, recreational and cultural needs of the greater Lincoln Square area. The Center hosts programs for children, youth, and seniors. Click here to see some options for a donation. 
  • The West Side Campaign Against Hunger's mission is to alleviate hunger and support self-sufficiency through a supermarket-style food pantry. Each donation equates to food and produce the nonprofit is able to purchase for the pantry. And, the program also features a mobile food truck that is stationed around the Upper West Side. Click here to donate. 
  • Project FIND's mission is to provide low- and moderate-income and homeless seniors with the services and support they need for continued independence. The organization provides supportive housing, educational services, and more. Click here to see how you can donate.
Tis the season for spreading holiday spirit and kindness to those in need of some extra support. (This is not an exclusive list. There are many New York and national nonprofit organizations not listed here to which you can make a contribution this season.) 
Photo credit: Goddard Riverside Community Center