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Grow Your Business with NYCBusiness

May 15, 2019
Grow Your Business with NYCBusiness
Are you thinking about starting a new business? Are you currently operating a business in Lincoln Square? NYCBusiness is a great tool that lets you manage your business transactions with various City agencies, search for the status of your applications, licenses, and permits, and find and pay for violations.
NYCBusiness offers a Step by Step guide to starting a new business in the City. Fill out a questionnaire to get a personalized list of the City, State, and Federal licenses and permits you will need for the business, as well as additional information you may want to know. You can also search for the City, State, and Federal regulations needed through the License and Permit Index. Also, check out the Violation Guide to learn basic rules to avoid common business violations or to pay off current violations you may have.
Free online courses, workshops, resources, and advice for business owners are also offered with this tool. Click here to check out information on business services, such as legal assistance, emergency preparedness, recruitment and training, among various others. Interested in upcoming workshops, seminars, and events around the City to grow your business know-how? Search upcoming engagements by borough, date, and business categories on the Event portal.
Click here to create an account to access all this information and more to help you improve your business operations.