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Future Stages at Juilliard

Mar 22, 2022
interactive dance video images for Future Stages

The Juilliard School has announced a new performance series and graduate level class, Future Stages, which explores the emerging landscape of the performing arts. The performances feature immersive dance and theater projects, an ambisonic music installation, and a virtual reality experience. Future Stages has five components—Atrium, InterArts, Beyond the Machine, Future Stages VR, and the Art of the Score. The first three take place from now until Saturday, March 26 in the Willson Theater (155 West 65th Street at Broadway).

Future Stages opens with Atrium, a 360-degree ambisonic (a full-sphere surround sound format) music installation with interactive projection design that features new works by composition students. Additionally, this year’s InterArts program, titled Allegory, is a collection of four theatrical experiences inspired by thematic ideas derived from Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. All are immersive experiences in which the audience will be invited to move about the space and interact with the artists and media. Audiences are also welcomed to purchase tickets for Beyond the Machine 22.0 – Music for a Sacred Space. This musical reflection on the themes examined in class is an electro-acoustic exploration of new ways that musicians compose and perform in multidimensional sound environments. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased here.

In the weeks following the launch of Future Stages, the center will present a virtual reality (VR) experience with excerpts from the performing arts series. Future Stages VR will include music and designs developed for the stage programs and adapted for virtual performance venues. The last program on Future Stages, which will also take place sometime later in the spring, is Art of the Score, a screening of independent films by young filmmakers from around the world with original musical scores by Juilliard composers.

Click here to learn more on Juilliard’s Future Stages and its upcoming programming.  

Photo credit: The Juilliard School | Maddie Hanson (BFA ’19, dance) creating interactive dance video images for Future Stages