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Dalcroze Classes at Kaufman Music Center

May 9, 2018
Dalcroze Classes at Kaufman Music Center
Love music? Got rhythm? There are always more layers to music to uncover and enjoy. At Kaufman Music Center, there is a range of classes you can take to learn and practice, such as sight-singing or voice lessons, but more specifically, the center offers a class that takes a different approach to music learning: Dalcroze.
Whether you're a seasoned performer, an educator, or a music student of any age, Dalcroze can help you feel and understand music in a whole new way, connecting the experience to your body. Known as "music training through movement," the Dalcroze approach to music education teaches an understanding of music--its fundamental concepts, its expressive meanings, and its deep connections to other arts and human activities--through techniques incorporating rhythmic movement, instrumental improvisation, and more.
Any music aficionado or student can grow through Dalcroze training; teachers can train to help students, performers can find new pathways to improvisation, seniors can improve their balance, and more! Dalcroze classes are for both children and adults. Contact Kaufman Music Center for info about registration or observing a class at (212) 501-3360 or
Photo credit: Kaufman Music Center