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Birds on Broadway

May 15, 2019
a wooden sculpture of a red necked grebe sits on the grass area of Dante Park
There's a duck in Dante Park! Not really, but there is a giant red-necked grebe sculpture on the grass of the park's interior. 
This sculpture is part of a larger exhibit of ten sculptures devoted entirely to some of the city's vulnerable bird species'. Presented by the Broadway Mall Association and constructed and designed by Brooklyn-based artist Nicolas HoliberNicolas Holiber: Birds on Broadway, the Audubon Sculpture Project aims to raise awareness of climate change and endangered species in New York and across the globe. Stretching along Broadway from 64th to 157th streets, the exhibit will feature everything from a red-necked grebe with its chicks to a peregrine falcon. Click here to read a press release about the project and the artist