SongStudio: Renée Fleming Master Class

Carnegie Hall

881 7th Avenue, New York, NY 10019

Resnick Education Wing

(212) 247-7800


Tickets $20

Event Dates

Jan 17, 2022



Carnegie Hall
Enjoy an inside look at a SongStudio master class, and hear the next generation of great singers hone their craft under the leadership of one of the world’s best: Renée Fleming. Designed to renew and refresh the vocal recital experience, SongStudio invites leading musicians to mentor emerging vocalists and collaborative pianists. Together, they explore innovative approaches to both classic and current song repertoire, inviting new audiences to engage with the art form.

Part of: SongStudio

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Tickets $20

Renée Fleming: Also performing January 22 and January 23 .


Renée Fleming, Host

Kathryn Henry, Soprano
Artyom Pak, Piano

Tamra Grace Jones, Soprano
Francesco Barfoed, Piano

Mer Wohlgemuth, Soprano
Pierre-Nicolas Colombat, Piano

Deepa Johnny, Mezzo-Soprano
Matías Ferreyra, Piano

Samuel Kidd, Baritone
Liza Armistead, Piano