ARTIST STUDIOS ~ Invisible Sculptures on Wheels

Museum of Arts and Design

Central Park Maine Monument, entrance at Columbus Circle

(212) 299-7777



Event Dates

Oct 23, 2021


2:00pm - 5:00pm

Museum of Arts and Design

Can an art object be “seen” by senses other than vision? Join us at Central Park’s Maine Monument and discover the surprising ways all of our senses contribute to our experience and understanding of art during an interactive demonstration of Yeseul Song’s Invisible Sculpture on Wheels.  

Invisible Sculpture on Wheels is an experiential, multi-sensory sculpture that isn’t visually discernible, yet has a spatial form and occupies space. Visitors can perceive the sculpture through sound feedback that responds to their hand gestures and movement. As the sound changes, visitors sense the boundaries of the sculpture’s form.

Participants also will be invited to make clay versions of the sculpture. The “visible” sculptures made by the participants will become a collective perception of the invisible sculpture, celebrating individual differences and diversity of human perceptions while questioning the idea of “normal” and “truth.” Will everyone see the same sculpture?