Sunday Platform – Chuck Collins: “Reversing Inequality: Imagining a Path Forward”

New York Society for Ethical Culture




Event Dates

Nov 22, 2020


11:00am - 12:30pm

New York Society for Ethical Culture

We’re living through a period of extreme inequality, where the gap between rich and poor is at its greatest level since the Gilded Age a century ago.The Covid pandemic has only supercharged these existing inequalities. Unfortunately, our national conversation about how to address this challenge is equally polarized. Most of us know the data about growing imbalances of income and wealth –but what is the path forward to changing this? What are the barriers and possibilities for change?

Chuck Collins is the Director the Program on Inequality and the Common Good at the Institute for Policy Studies where he co-edits He is author of the popular book, Born on Third Base: A One Percenter Makes the Case for Tackling Inequality, Bringing Wealth Home, and Committing to the Common Good (Chelsea Green). His most recent book, Is Inequality in America Irreversible? is published by the Oxford, UK-based Polity Press. His forthcoming book, The Wealth Hoarders: How Billionaires Spend Millions to Hide Trillions, is about the wealth defense industry and will be published in late 2020 by Polity Press.

He is an expert on U.S. inequality and the racial wealth divide and author of several books, including co-authoring with Bill Gates Sr. of Wealth and Our Commonwealth, (Beacon Press, 2003), a case for taxing inherited fortunes. He is co-author with Mary Wright of The Moral Measure of the Economy, a book about Christian ethics and economic life. He was featured in this interview in Sun Magazine.

He is co-founder of Wealth for the Common Good and the Patriotic Millionaires, networks of business leaders, high-income households and partners working together to promote shared prosperity and fair taxation.

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