About Us

The Lincoln Square Business Improvement District (BID) is a not-for-profit tax-exempt organization that was formed in 1996 by property owners, businesses and others with a stake in this Upper West Side community. Our mission is to make Lincoln Square cleaner, safer, and more beautiful, and to undertake various improvement projects. We focus our efforts on supplemental sanitation and security services; the beautification of public spaces, malls, and parks; and the promotion and marketing of the area's diverse business and cultural offerings. 

The Lincoln Square BID acts as a catalyst, working with business, community, and city partners, to promote positive change in Lincoln Square.  Our programs and initiatives, including Winter’s Eve at Lincoln Square – New York’s largest holiday festival, are designed to foster tourism, and to showcase the rich and varied resources of this vibrant Upper West Side neighborhood..

As a public private partnership, we promote and market local business and the neighborhood as a whole; act as advocate, liaison, and problem solver for the community; and provide a critical link between New York City government and the neighborhood. We work closely with the Department of Small Business Services and Mayor de Blasio's Office, as well as other city officials and agencies, as we strive to improve the quality of life in Lincoln Square. 

Our members include businesses, hotels, restaurants, leading retail establishments both large and small, cultural institutions, public officials, and residents. If you are an owner of real property, a commercial tenant, residential tenant or a condo owner in the district (see map) you are eligible to vote on corporate matters at our annual meeting. (To exercise this right and to be notified of the annual meeting date, please register here). 

The Lincoln Square BID is primarily supported by assessments from all owners of real property within its boundaries (with owners of residential condo units paying $1 a year). Nonprofit organizations are not assessed, but they provide in-kind services and financial assistance. The assessment mechanism ensures that all beneficiaries of BID programs share in the cost of these programs. The FY 2016 annual assessment budget of the Lincoln Square BID is $2,166,666. Our assessment rates for FY 2016 are approximately $0.18 per garage square foot, $0.41 per commercial square foot and $0.44 per retail square foot. For more information, please call us at 212.581.3774. 

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